For anyone who says that comet ELEnin will not have an affect on Earth might be true; however, NASA  who minimized ELEnin is not telling you what ELEnin is pointing too might not have the same forgiving effects.  ELEnin which many are saying is a code word for Extention Level Event Nibiru is Near.  Here are some interesting coincidences and points to keep in mind.  (1) After 10 years and a 100 billion dollars NASA will be abandoning the space station in Nov 2011 because of a faulty part. (2) There is a total media blackout on the NIBIRU /Planet X subject. For example, CNN has not one article regarding comet Nibiru though many other countries like Russia are reporting.  There was a iReport post which stated the dates of previous alignments of ELEnin-to-Earth and the earthquakes which followed those alignments but even that post was removed with some bogus comment like, “I will be updating this information” but all the previous information was removed.  (3) Hubble telescope has been turned off to prevent the public from viewing. There are many more things but watch this video which is the best summary of what is to happen during these Earth Changes, confirmed by scripture.   This is the best video that I have found on the  net.